Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Trek to Dzukou

We spent a whole day trekking to the amazing Dzukou Valley near Khonoma Village. Now I'll show pictures from the atmospheric trek up to the high-altitude valley, and in my next post I'll show pictures from the amazing Valley itself.

Most of the way to Dzukou you walk through a dense, moss covered forested full of atmosphere and mystique. Here you see Susanna and her brother Kinito.

A sign with a simple moral message. Everywhere in the Northeast you see these kinds of signs, epecially many related to traffic security. A few of my roadside favourites include "Be patient, not a patient", "Be Gentle on my Curves". This is one of the first pictures of the day taken in the cool light of very early dawn.

Another early dawn picture showing Susanna making her way up through a path of greenery. It was still cold and the light was still very cool at this point.

But here behold the glory of the sun's first rays penetrating through the dense forest. A truly magical sight with an amazing play of light between the branches and through the moss on the trees.

Another atmospheric shot of the forest.

And another.

Susanna halfway inside a large hollow tree.

More funny trees.

Occasionally a hole in the tree cover offers amazing views of nearby valleys and more distant hills.

This is a Mithun or Gaur. It is a wild ox which looks sort of like a mix between a cow, bison and water buffalo and it is allegedly the biggest and strongest of all wild catlles.

Here another Mithun. The picture is very heavily enlarged so not at very good resolution, but I bring it anyway to show the priceless expression of the Mithun bull trying to intimidate us by showing his teeth. We were inside a big car and Mithuns are actually known to be quite gentle animals, so we weren't too scared, but we took off and left the Mithun's alone all the same.

Finally something which Susanna's brother Kinito spotted. 4 little drops of water on a green leaf, looking almost poetic.


traveller one said...

Those are gorgeous photos... especially the last one with the water droplets! Very pretty!

oreneta said...

I also like the water droplets, although I think I liked the teeth best.

Esben said...

Thanks so much you guys. The credit for the water drops really must go to Susanna's brother who spotted them and pointed them out to me. I just took the snap.