Friday, 5 January 2007

A Sacred Forest and a Small Dose of Khasi Culture

Okay, so still only on day 3 in Meghalaya. After hunting for Christmas decorations we went to one of Meghalaya's famed sacred forests. They are apparently world famous for their bio diversity, but I have to admit to me it looked like any other forest. Didn't stop me from taking a few pictures though.

Susanna on a holy tree.

Same tree - Mark being silly.

The only thing I could see which gave the forest a holy feel were these old stone tablets overgrown by moss.

From the forest I spotted these Khasi women - being led by a young boy - carrying wood home on a path crossing the barren lands that surround the patch of holy forest.

Afterwards we did have time to see a bit of the nearby Khasi villages. One thing I noticed were the many houses such as this one made out of old tin cans, which used to hold for instance cooking oil. They are flattened with a hammer and then used for house construction, by the poorest.

A tiny restaurant also made of some sort of scrap metal. I like the little wheelbarrow outside.

Corn hanging to dry outside a nice old timber frame house. This is a very common sight in the area.

To complete our dose of Khasi culture we went to a small, local restaurant serving authentic Khasi food. Our arrival was quite an event so I'm assuming I'm the first foreigner to visit in a long time - if not ever. Here it's Susanna preparing to eat the freshly served meal.

A close up of the fairly simple fare. The rice gets its colour form a curry allegedly full of pig's blood.

A picture of everyone in the restaurant. Me, Susanna, Mark, the staff ladies and some of the local kids who came out of sheer curiosity.

In fact the kids were so curious that while I was setting up the camera with a tripod and self timer to take the previous picture, that they kept standing there looking at me. So I took this picture of them.

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NellieGwynne said...

Eager, these are great photos...don't think I'll need to take any when I get to India.
I think I'll be losing weight, not sure how I'll manage to eat!