Monday, 1 January 2007

Picnic at the Cocktail Shaker

After all the day's experiences in and around Cherrapunjee we went for a picnic at a very special location:

This is a giant monolith rising from the plains below the Meghalaya highlands. The monolith is known locally as the cocktail shaker (easy to see why) and behind it is a good view to the Bangladeshi plains below. However it was a pretty hazy afternoon, so I couldn't get any good pictures of Bangladesh. It is however interesting to see how the hills just suddenly stop to give way to the endless plains of Bangladesh. In the monsoons huge amounts of water from Meghalaya flows down here to the plains causing both growth and life and massive floods.

Mark lights a fire while his daughter Neola watches.

Susanna makes herself useful by helping with the food - unlike me just running around taking pictures as usual.

The girls go hunting for tadpoles (haletudser) in a small pond, which is what is leftover from a mighty river roaring down this way towards the plains of Bangladesh in the monsoon.

The hunt for tadpoles gets more intensive: The catch of the day - one little tadpole.


nomita said...

Love your pictures! I was born and brought up in the NE but I'm not ashamed to say it's through the eyes of a foreigner that I am able to appreciate the beauty of the region more!

Hope you continue to enjoy your India travels!


Esben said...

Hi Nomita and thank you for the kind words. I promise many more pictures of the North East are coming.


Incognito said...

The pictures are brilliant! I too was born in Kohima, but we moved when I was about 2 years old. I have always wanted to visit but has not happened so far, and the chances are becoming more and more remote everyday.


Esben said...

Hi Incognito,

Yeah, the Northeast is a fascinating region. So what is stopping you from going?

Incognito said...

I live in New York City...I visit India every year, but only have enough time to get my mom's (lives in Punjab) medical check ups done. Hopefully, I will get to visit the NE. I saw your other blogs for 2008, a trip down memory lane for me, as I went to school in Simla for 4 years, and it was was wonderful to see The Ridge, Christ Church, Vice Regal Lodge etc., I lived in Delhi for year...great to see the pictures, of Punjab, Delhi and Rajasthan. Will view your other blogs. Look forward to more photographs!


wildboytame said...

wwwooooh dude. thats a great write up. amazing photos especially of the rolling grasslands in nagaland. i have gone as far as arunachal, assam and mizoram and man are they gorgeous places. judging by the number of pics it looks like u have a soft corner for meat.

Sophie said...


I was browsing the internet to find some nice pics of Assam and Shillong for a french presentation on my hometown(s) -I live in Singapore by the way.
I came across your blog, its awesome! I love the pictures and your perspective is exactly what I see when i'm there...I am impressed at your willingness to try new things :-) Oh, and of course the commentary was really entertaining too!

Did you ever manage to check out tripura castle in Shillong? and places like police bazaar?

Take care!

cherrysweets said...

I live in South India... Madrasi! I was browsing for Shillong pics when I came across your blog! Wow! That was a very nice compilation. Nice pics. I'm leaving to Shillong by December and will be there till January mid... Keep up the good work!