Friday, 26 January 2007

Dzukou: Skating in the Valley

In my last post I showed a picture of an ice covered bridge in Dzukou Valley. Here a bit more about that particular area of the valley.

Of course being a Dane growing up in the Danish Lake District I have had plenty of experience with frozen lakes and streams. However for both Susanna and Kinito this was the first time ever they walked on frozen ice. It was very cool to see them trying to figure this thing out - and it did to an extent lead my thoughts back to good ol' Bambi on the ice.

It all seems to be a struggle between the plants and the ice. One small part of the green vegetation to the right managed to stay on top of the ice, but mostly the ice seems to be winning that fight.

Here I am standing on a small stream leading down to the larger creek you see above.

A picture taken from the upper edge of the valley shows where the two hills on the right of the picture (especially the one furthest aback) lending shade to a small part of the valley. That is where we were playing around.

Kinito having a feel of the ice.

On the surface of the ice we found this wonder of nature: An almost perfect leaf imprint in the ice. A good reminder that incredible natural beauty lies not just in grand valleys and mountain tops but certainly also in the smallest of details in nature.

More interesting creations by nature. A very strange pattern in the ice making it look a little like it was patterned frosted glass created by a glass blower. I don't know how this was formed, but it was certainly not by a human.

Susanna doing the split on the ice.

Me and Kinito (okay especially me) laughing hysterically.

Kinito using a strangely shaped piece of ice to take on the appearance of an ice demon.

Finally we had to leave the Winter Wonderland and return back to civilization. However on the way back my three companions took the opportunity to once again hunt for suitable Christmas decorations as you see in this picture. But what a backdrop.

A picture of our very last glimpse of Dzukou, seen through a spooky forest of charred trees, which burned in a forest fire last year. Dzukou is a place of extraordinary beauty and I very much hope to come back, possibly next time for a 4-day trek taking you through the entire valley rather than just the small portion we visited here.

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oreneta said...

You really do have to learn to walk differently on ice..those leaf prints on the ice are stunning