Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Street Scenes of Amritsar

My last post from Amritsar will show not tourist attractions , but rather scenes from everyday life in the streets of Amritsar.

Cool guy with big golden jugs on his bicycle. Goes around town with milk in them.

Peanut salesman and his friends. Peanuts are usually roasted so they are hot when you get them, but here I think he's just burning incense to keep flies away.

Indian sweets in a street stall. These sweets truly tend to be very sweet and often sticky and wet. Some of them are delicious, but some will get you hospitalized from a sugar overdose.

Amritsar has it's share of old, crumbling colonial buildings. People standing on this balcony must have seen many things throughout the years. Now no one stands there anymore.

A child flies a kite from a rooftop completely unaware of being photographed. I caught this picture from the window of our hotel room facing a back alley

A small girl being carried her big sister. This charmer was very good at throwing hand kisses and sent several my way. The little girl that is, not her sister.

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