Monday, 18 December 2006

A small sign of life

Since it has been 10 days since I updated my weblog I felt that it is time to give a small sign of life. I am currently on my tour of the Indian Northeast. It is a region not much explored by tourists and as such it is very hard to get to the Internet. I will be back in Delhi in 9 days and promise to start posting about this wonderful trip by then. I have truly seen many beautiful things that not many foreigner are lucky enough to experience.

If I do not manage to update until then my best wishes for a Merry Christmas for everyone :o)


traveller one said...

I was wondering about you! Glad to hear you are okay and I can't wait to see your photos of the northeast!

Merry Christmas Esben!

Maria said...

Hej Esben,
god jul og godt nyt år! :-)
Knus Maria

HERVE said...


Hilsen fra Toulouse :)

God Jul og godt nytt år på forhånd!

Du er heldig å reise gjennom India!

Ha det!

Peter said...


Dine ture i Indien lyder spændende. Jeg bor også i Delhi, arbejder i et Dansk firma.

Jeg har lavet hjemmesiden der hedder og den er foreløbig blevet godt besøgt. Du kan jo lige give et livstegn fra dig hvis du er i byen.

Peter Crawfurd

Esben said...

Hi traveller one, Maria, Herve!

Thanks for the nice greetings and right back at you. I finally made it back home to Delhi after a very interesting trip to the North East.


I checked out your website and saw the pictures from your upstart party. I recognized a couple of people there (Sophie, Mirva, Rachel), so perhaps we have some common friends.