Wednesday, 27 December 2006

North East Tour Begins: Arriving in Meghalaya

Finally I am back in Delhi and ready to start sharing my experiences from our grand tour of Northeast India. We started the whole thing in the state of Meghalaya just north of Bangladesh. We stayed in the capital of Shillong (location etc.) with Susanna's old friend Wopang and her family. I'll introduce them below, but first show a couple of sights from our first afternoon in Meghalaya.

We started very by visiting a waterfall, named Elephant falls. This is very fitting because Meghalaya state is home to many grand waterfalls and also the planet's rainiest place. More on all that in later posts. The Elephant Falls here are neither that grandest nor most beautiful in Meghalaya but the water running down in many different levels still makes it an idyllic sight. In the monsoon season there would be much more water flowing here which should add to the drama.

We only made it to the falls very late in the afternoon, so it was quite dark and I had to use a long exposure time on my camera. This is what gives the waterfall this cool white flowing sugar-like look.

At the entrance to the falls you see this sign. Notice the bottom line: "No Bad Words".

Beautiful fall colours in the forest on the way to Elephant Falls. Meghalaya is a hill state with a cool and very wet climate, so the weather here in December reminded me a lot about a Danish fall. Unlike most other places in India they have trees and plants here which adjust to the seasons by shedding their leaves, before which they produce beautiful colours like this.

Time to introduce our host family. This is Wapang, Susanna's old friend and - according to her husband - the boss of the household.

Her husband Mark, a very talkative and entertaining guy.

Akia, their beautiful 9 year old daughter.

And Neola, who is 3 years old and extremely cute.

And finally Akia's half cousin and best friend Crystal, whom we also had the pleasure to hang out with.

Mark plays with his daughter on the sun filled terrace in the morning.

And here I am playing with the girls on a bascule near Elephant Falls.


Ole said...

Hej Esben

Det er nogle flotte portrætter, især dem af børnene.

Godt nytår i øvrigt.

KH Ole

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