Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Virupaksha Temple

My last post showed a couple of pictures of the main Gopuram (tower) of the Virupaksha Mandir. This time I want to focus a bit more on this temple and take you inside.

Many major hindu temples have a holy water tank. This is the one at Virupaksha at dusk.

Inside the temple courtyard at dawn.

Man and priest performs some puja early in the morning.

Virupaksha has an adorable temple elephant named Lakshmi. Here she is giving me a blessing. my returning readers might remember I received a similar blessing in Tamil Nadu, but I like this picture even better. Despite Lakshmi being very gentle, you can clearly sense the awesome power of the elephant's trunk. Maybe you can also see that on my facial expression.

A colourful relief showing the popular monkey God, Hanuman. According to legend he came from this area.

A big drum and a couple of bells used for ceremonies in the temple.

Some people might remember my trip to Khajuraho famous for it's erotic art. However, Hampi also has it's share of erotica, standing in sharp contrast to the rather conservative nature of Hindu religion today.

Myself in front of the main Virupaksha Gopuram.

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