Sunday, 5 November 2006

South Indian Hindu Wedding

It has been a while since my last post - this is because I have been in South India to attend the wedding of one of Susanna's old friends, Bidya.

The groom, Madhav, arrives at the temple to be showered with rice - a ritual familiar to most Westerners.

A South Indian wedding is a very lively and colourful event with a long series of rituals aimed at boosting the fortune of the couple. Here the bride and groom exchange some sort of flower garlands.

And here the groom showers the bride with rice. It is worth noting, that while this is a traditional, old fashioned wedding the bride and groom are both highly educated, modern people residing in England. It is nice to see that it is possible to combine a closeness to your cultural roots with a modern, sophisticated lifestyle.

The family members of the young couple play an integral part in the various wedding ceremonies. Here the father of the bride performs some function.

Susanna and I dressed in traditional Indian clothes for the occasion.

This is the ISKCON temple in Bangalore where the wedding took place. It combines old style temple lingams (towers) with a modern glass facade, and the result is pretty impressive.

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