Saturday, 25 November 2006

Festival time in Hampi

In the days we were visiting Hampi it was moving into gear for the large annual Hampi Utsav - a large cultural festival attracting growing crowds and more recognised artists every year.

Dancers are practicing for their show at the old Royal Elephant Stables.

Flower garlands are being prepared. No festival without them in India

A view of the seats standing ready to be used at one of the many venues of the festival.

Rangoli is a colourful pattern painted on the sidewalk for special occasions.

Finally the festival has started. A parade of lovely girls sets it all off.

And here a band has gotten a special stand for their role during the inaugural ceremony.

On the main street of Hampi Bazaar a man shows off his martial arts skills in the air.

Your's truly with a dressed up man. We're not sure who is supposed to be, but we think it's a demon lord.

Susanna takes a picture of richly decorated horse carriage.

We were also witnesses to another celebration in Hampi. Here some boys are celebrating 50 years of statehood for Karnataka, which happened on the day of our arrival to Hampi.


Phil Hip! said...

I just discovered your blog and find it quite interesting. I'm from Canada but I spent 3 months in rural India last Summer for a medical and cultural traineeship. I am always amazed by the diversity of experiences that we can get from this country.

Nice job! Continue on the same way!

Esben said...

Hi Phil

Thanks a lot for the kind words. And you're right, India truly is the most diverse country in the world. So many religious groups: Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jains, Sikhs and others. So many different ethnicities, cultures, languages, historical monuments, amazing varied landscapes, from extreme poverty to extreme wealth, from stunning beauty to unbelievably ugly and dirty streets. Been here 10 months now and only just scratching the surface. Much more to come I promise :o)