Thursday, 16 November 2006

Chilling in Hampi's Surroundings

The landscape around Hampi is amazing and varied and offers plenty of opportunity for exploration and good old chilling. All pictures below were taken in Hampi's immediate surroundings.

On a swing with a view to a lush meadow at the very famous Mango Tree restaurant.

The walk to the Mango Tree Restaurant goes through a banana plantation. In Scandinavia we don't see many bananas on the trees, so this is very exotic for me. Had to check out a bunch of bananas up close.

And here I am examining a banana heart, the flower which given time will turn into an entire bunch of bananas.

I love this scene. A group of sadhus (holy men) doing their laundry on the roof of an ancient temple.

One of the very many ruined temples around Hampi set in a landscape of rolling hills, huge boulders, palm trees and banana plantations.

Another shot of the magical landscape near Hampi.


traveller one said...

Super photos! Looks lke a restaurant I would love to visit. I also love that shot of the elephant blessing you!
Congrats on your 5,000th visitor!

Esben said...

Thank you and thank you. Hampi is a great destination and I can only recommend that you visit. If you ever do, please contact me for some tips on what to see and do.