Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Enjoying Bangalore

After the wedding there was time to roam around the enjoyable city of Bangalore, capital of Karnataka State and also known as the IT-capital of India, thus being a very wealthy city. Bangalore will soon be renamed Bengalooru, as part of efforts to Indianize city names.

This is Vidhana Soudha, the grand home of the Legislature of Karnataka. It is one of fairly few important sights in the city. You see, Bangalore is not really about sightseeing - it is about eating, drinking, shopping, consuming and enjoying yourself.

This is a scene from the appropriately named Commercial Street, a popular place for shopping...

...but you can also shop indoors in Bangalore, which is particularly handy on Bangalore's many rainy days. This is one of Bangalore's busy malls. Click on the picture to see all the activity in closer detail.

However, buying something good at one of the many street vendors is also an option. Here (from left to right) Susanna, her cousin Atola and her sister Elizabeth are buying pieces of fruit with some red paste on it - might be chilli but I'm not sure.

For those not crazy about shopping (such as me) there are plenty of other activities. Here I am giving it my best in one of India's few good bowling alleys...

...and later enjoying a cocktail at the spacey (forgive the pun) NASA Bar. Bangalore is the only city in India with a real pub culture - as opposed to the widespread loud dancing clubs or dark seedy bars filled with old men drinking cheap whisky by the gallon. Unfortunately state lawmakers have decided to play moral police and introduced a 23:00 closing time for all drinking establishment. So Bangalore is no longer the party capital of India that it once was, but there are still many nice bars and pubs - and the more weird ones, such as NASA here.

Bangalore is however not totally lost to the Western influences of materialism and consumerism. This is a nice shot of a Hindu mandir and a Muslim mosque side by side.


traveller one said...

I really love your blog! It's introducing me to India, a country I want to visit one day. Those wedding photos are terrific!

Esben said...

Thank you so much, traveller one. When I first set up this weblog it was meant mostly as a way to show my friends and family back in Denmark what was happening here in India. But gradually I started getting more hits from other countries often from people I didn't know, which is why I decided to switch from Danish to English language. It is very nice to hear when someone not only visits but also enjoys what she sees, so thank you once again for the kind words.