Monday, 20 November 2006

Abandoned ruins of Hampi

Now it's time to get to some of the abandoned ruins of Hampi. All of these are situated a bit east of Hampi Bazaar.

Some old ruins overlooking a river bend.

This is the old Concubine's Bazaar also known as Sule Bazaar. This is just one of the many long, broad streets that were once found in the enormous city of Vijayanagar. The city had a staggering 500,000 inhabitants at a time when the largest european city, Paris, had 185,000. In the year 1500 Vijayanagar was the second largest city in the world, second only to Beijing. Today, together with the rest of Vijaynagar, Concubines' Bazaar lies deserted and probably shows what Hampi Bazaar would have looked like had it not been rehabitated.

People are working to re-erect the old archways, that have collapsed with the passing of time. They are using the original pillars that are lying about in the area.

The Concubines' Bazaar leads up to the Achyutara Temple Ruins, which have quite a lost world feel to them.

Same temple seen from the outer wall of the complex. The very last rays of the sun can be seen shining on the tops of the palm trees.

And now for something new. My mother has noted that it would be nice for her to have a better sense of where all these different places that I write about are situated. So therefore starting from now I will link to a little map every time I visit a new place. Hampi is located here. Bangalore which I wrote about a few posts back is located here.

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