Friday, 27 October 2006

Rendezvous with Delhi

I have been back in Delhi for a while. Here are a couple of pictures showing different aspects of the atmosphere here in India's capital city.

This is the idyllic 14th century Hauz Khas ruins by a lake which used to be a water reservoir for Delhi. It is a very idyllic area making you forget that you are in one of the largest metropols in the world.

Labourers clean the lake's surface, removing sludge from the surface. The reason for this less than delicate task is a recent epidemic scare in Delhi. Dengue and other nasty disease have been spread in large numbers by mosquitoes, which breed in still water. Thus the government has installed fountains such as the one you see above and hired people to clear the surfaces to keep the water in constant movement. The worst of the epidemic seems to be over now - thankfully!

A nice shady park near Hauz Khas once used by kings of Delhi, now open to the public. It's quite nice but very shameful with all the garbage being thrown around.

The motive of this picture is not so much the pavilion itself, but rather the man sleeping in it's shadow. This is so typically India!

A poor rickshaw driver transporting as many as 9 girls home from school in Paharganj - an older part of New Delhi.

A very typical formal and admonishing Indian signpost with the mandatory spelling error (gramopnones).

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