Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Fantoft Stave Church

Near Bergen you will find the wonderful Fantoft Stavkirke (Stave Church), which is one of Norway's fantastic wooden churches. It was originally built around 1150 in Sognefjorden, and later moved to Bergen because it faced demolition. Unfortunately it burned to the ground at the hands of a crazed arsonist in 1992, so what you see here is an exact reconstruction.

The church seen from a nearby hill.

The inside of the church is also kept almost entirely in wood. The church is still in active use.

A wooden ornament in the church. Of course this one has a a very fresh rather than an old look, but that has a certain charm as well. It is possible to see how the original church must have looked a few years after it's completion in the 12th century.

A closer look at the roof showing the wonderful Norse ornamentation making this look uniquely different from other European churches of it's time.

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