Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Back in Delhi - meet the locals!

I have now been back in Delhi for almost two weeks and many interesting things have happened already. Before I tell you about these I would like to introduce you to some of the exotic locals here in the Indian capital:

This beauty I found sitting on my own terrace (which I will get back to). She didn't seem at all bothered about me photographing her. However most of the other non-human locals were not as cooperative as her so the pictures below are not of the same quality as this one.

A live, wild chameleon which I - despite his excellent camouflage - spotted sitting on an old rusty fence. The picture itself was taken through two layers of the same type of fence that the chameleon is sitting on, so it was quite a challenging shot.

I believe this to be a dwarf mongoose. I couldn't get very close to him so this is a low pixel enlargement of an already zoomed picture.

This may be hard to see, but this is an actual physical fight between two male deer, competing for the favour of the females. These guys did NOT stop to pose for the camera, so this was the best picture I could get. With or without picture this is a dramatic, exciting and brutal event to watch.

I don't know if these are wasps or bees, but they look quite a bit more dangerous than those we have back in Denmark. I made sure not to disturb them for too long and since they were constantly moving about in poor lighting, part of the image got a bit blurry.

The chameleon again. Here it is even easier to see how well he blends into his surroundings.

My friend the butterfly was kind enough to also unfold her wings for me. Interesting how different the pattern is on this side of the wings. Notice the two red/blue dots - I assume these are representations of predator eyes intended to scare potential enemies away.

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