Wednesday, 13 September 2006


On the way home we drove through Holland where we visited the charming city of Utrecht.

This picture is so quintessentially dutch that it had to be my first picture from Holland. Bicycles and canals are two things which this country is famous for, and even in Holland's national colour orange.

A street scene from Utrecht. More bikes and canals.

The very flat countryside is also characterised by waterways, used for transportation of goods...

...and to cool the cows in the summer heat.

And then of course Holland is famous for flowers. Usually tulips are the main product in this inudstry, but since it was off season I snatched in stead this shot at an Utrecht flower market.


lumpequation said...

wow...!!! that was awesome pics

Esben said...

Thank you very much, lumpequation. Always nice when someone appreciates one of my posts :o)