Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Historical Århus: Moesgård Museum and Den Gamle By (The Old Town)

As of the 1st of September I am no longer living in Århus. As a tribute to the city of Århus where I lived for 6 years I will now show a few pictures from two of Århus' great historical attractions: Den Gamle By (The old town) open air museum and the marvellous Moesgård Museum.

This handsome fellow known as "Grauballemanden" is perhaps themost famous exhibit of the Moesgård museum. He is one of the best preserved Bog people found in sphagnum bogs around Northern Europe. In roughly 290 BC his throat was slit presumably as part of a sacrificial ritual or as punishment for some crime. He was then thrown into a bog in central Jutland, not to see the light of day again untill 1952 when he was discovered. He was so well preserved that it was speculated that we was either a recent murder victim or the local drunk who disappeared some 70 years earlier when taking a short cut through the bog at night.

Here Grauballemanden is seen from above. His skin has turned leathery and his hair has been dyed red by the bog, but apart from this his features have been amazingly well preserved. Scientists were able to tell exactly what he had for his last meal by analysing the contents of his stomach.

Moesgård is a brilliant Museum dealing with many aspects of Denmark's past. It also houses a nice collection of rune stones, where my ancestors would commemorate special events or fallen comrades with writings in the old rune script.

Here I am in Den Gamle By, an open air museum featuring a large number of old Danish houses brought herefrom all parts of the country. Within the opening hours the museum is filled with actors dressed in old costumes and showing off how things were done in the 19th century.

Another picture of me in Den Gamle By, here sitting amongst all the old barrels at the docks.

And finally a picture included solely for it's cuteness factor: Mother dog relaxing in the sun while baby dog is sitting in a stroller. This is how I found the dogs - I did nothing to manipulate the scene.

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