Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Brussels, Belgium

After France our trip went to Brussels, capital of Belgium, the EU and home of the muscles from Brussels, Mr. Jean-Claude Van Damme.

One of the main draws of Brussels is the amazing Grand Place, which is possibly the most beautiful square in all of Europe. We stayed in the only hotel located at the square which gave us a wonderful view of the square and meant we could look out at it without getting wet in the massive rains. To the left you see the bottom part of the City Hall.

Another corner of the square, this part being just to the left of the city hall.

Belgium does not have that many famous people or famous sights and attractions. What this small country however is known for are all things that are delicious but bad for you: Chocolate, Beer, Fries and what you see above: Belgian Waffles.

Here you see me at one of the relatively few famous sights of Brussels, which perhaps is a testament to why there are few famous attractions: A very small statue (or figurine) by the name of Manneken Pis showing a small boy relieving himself. Legend has it that it is a portrait of a boy who hundreds of years ago got seperated from his parents. They promised God and each other that if they found their boy again they would erect a statue showing him in the exact position they found him... the rest of the story tells itself. I have no idea whether this is reality and myth, but it is an amusing anecdote. There is however not that much to see (no pun intended) and the fame of the thing seems a bit excessive.

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