Thursday, 10 August 2006

Trier (part 4) - the Small Things

A town is more than old ruins and large buildings. A big part of what makes a city fascinating is in the detail - the small things that grap your attention. Also in this department Trier is a rich city, as these examples will show:

From a column outside a Trier house, a bit of a hand seems to stick out from within. Noticing things like this makes it fun to wander the streets of Trier.

An amazing, colourful doorway adds a lot of character to an otherwise not that interesting town house.

Another example of a nicely decorated doorway into an ordinary house. Here the charm is in the wonderfulo woodcarvings that are common all over the city.

In this statue on the corner of a large house a man is carrying a small baby on his shoulders.

An old lady looks out over in the rain from her unusually nicely decorated window.

Even the deckhole slabs are very nicely decorated with the Trier city shield showing St. Peter holding a large key.

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