Saturday, 26 August 2006

Some culture and some chilling in Paris

If there are two things that Paris is just amazing for then it is culture and just hanging out in the city's many cafes, parks and public spaces.

This is Louvre one of the world's finest museums. The glass pyramid leads down to the underground entrance to the many halls of the museum. Lines are long, but one girl prefers to sit an relax outside.

It is pretty limited where you can take pictures inside the Louvre, so I didn't get too many shots. For instance there is absolutely no photography allowed near the world famous painting of Mona Lisa (But we did see it). However I quite liked this egyptian sculpture with it's red background.

This is the very famous more than two millenia old Venus de Milo. I'm no art expert so I'm not surewhat makes it so famous, but it is quite nice.

After Louvre it was time for some relaxation. The steps of Sacré-Cœur on Montmatre are ideal for that. Hundreds of people gather here to enjoy the nice view over Paris

This little girl was just one of the many people enjoying the sun on Montmatre.

Here me and Ole are enjoying a drink at one of Paris' countless sidewalk cafés. Integral part of the Paris experience.

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