Thursday, 15 June 2006

Tivoli - World Famous Amusement Park

It's been a while since I updated my weblog partly due to the beautiful summer making other things interesting. One of those things was a trip with my family to the very old, and very famous amusement-cum-flower park in the heart of Copenhagen.

A typical scene from Tivoli. The park is a bit of an eclectic mix of thrill rides (notice the tall free fall tower in the background), artificial lakes, flower arrangements, chinese pagodas and restaurants set in various interesting settings, such as the one inside the pirate ship in the right part of the picture.

Here I am in front of the side entrance to Tivoli's most famous Restaurant "Grøften" (The Trench). This is a favourite place for Danish celebrities to eat and one of the dominating political parties Fremskridtspartiet (The Progress Party) in Denmark in the 70s was founded here. The party with a radical anti-tax and anti-immigration platform fortunately doesn't exist in parliament anymore, although other parties have taken over parts of their policy views.

One of the more thrilling of the park's rides, the new corkscrew loop rollercoaster called "The Demon". Notice the yellow carts going through one of the three loops (slighty to the left). My brother Ole was very anxious about taking a ride in this one, and it took a bit of persuasion before he finally agreed to take a ride with me. Afterwards however he was so excited about the ride that he wanted to go again. Unfortunately the lines were too long and we had to leave soon after.

Ole, in front of one of the many snack pavillions, being very pleased with himself after the ride in the Demon.

Despite the many rides and activities Tivoli is also in many places quaint and peaceful and good for a stroll. Here a couple of ducks have found one of those very peaceful places for a nap in a genuine flower bed.

The ever popular Tivoli Guards thrilling especially small children and the park's elderly visitors. These boys dressed almost like the Queen's real Royal Life Guards at the nearby royal palace play various marching tunes much to the joy of tourists and locals alike.

One of the nice uniformed Tivoli officials holds the hand of a young Asian visitor while having a chat with him and his mother.

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