Friday, 5 May 2006

A View to Kill for: Jebel Hafit

My trip to Al Ain allowed me one last detour: A ride to the top of amazing mountaing Jebel Hafit, rising 1100 metres over the deert below, allowing some spectacular views. I bring a few pictures to prove my point.

Some strange rock formations on our neighbouring ridge tower over the vast flat lands below.

Some ridges rip through the otherwise flat landscape, but from Jebel Hafit they look like nothing more than wrinkles in a suit.

To see this one properly it is necesarry to enlarge the picture. In the foreground you can see plenty of dried out creeks and the sparse vegetation nearby. Behind that the sandy desert is spreading out. In the top right quarter of the picture you can see the mighty sand dunes looking like tiny mole hills.

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