Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Silkeborg seen from above

Yesterday I went with my mother to Silkeborg to visit my great aunt Martha. She lives in a tall building offering great views of the city of Silkeborg in the municipality of which I spent most of my childhood.

The railway and pedestrian viaduct bridge over Remstrup Å (Part of Denmark's only river, Gudenåen), and behind that the city centre of Silkeborg. As you can see Silkeborg is beautifully situated surrounded by small hills, forests and water.

Silkeborg Stadium, the home ground of what is possibly the best football team on earth: Silkeborg IF.

One of the most Danish institutions: Allotment gardens (kolonihaver). In the old times workers who lived in dark, dingy and crammed apartments in the city bought a small garden in a place like this where they could come to relax in the summer time. All your neighbours would come here too, and there would be plenty of talking and gossiping going on over the hedges. Of course today housing standards in the city have improved immensely, going to the allotment gardens remains a popular summer tradition. Notice all the flagpoles - on official holidays Dannebrog (the Danish flag) will be flying high from every single of the poles.

My mother with her aunt Martha (My late grandmother's sister). Martha is a sweet old lady, but her memory is not very good anymore, so we want to take pictures of her and her remaining family, and hang it on her wall to aid her memory. This is one of the pictures I took at this occasion.

On this day it was raining quite a bit, which is not normally my favourite weather. But as we got home I took this nice picture of a rhododendron flower waiting to bloom covered by little round drops of rain water.

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