Friday, 14 April 2006

Kaziranga (Day 2)

My second day in Kaziranga, was more than anything about spotting rhinos. I went on an early morning elephant ride into the park, which is the only way to get really close to the rhinos.

This one was really posing for the camera.

One of the most detailed rhinoshots I got. Here you can really see the animal's almost armoured skin.

The adult elephants sometimes bring their babies with them on the tourist trips. Seems to be something they control themselves without humans interfering.

Occasionally rhinos can get aggresive, and this is exactly what we experienced. This rhino followed us and triedtochase downthe baby elephants, so the adult elephants had to line up together and face the rhinos to scare them away. That is what is happening on this picture.

Finally a picture of some other babies. A huge litter of wild baby piglets.

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