Saturday, 29 April 2006

Into the Arabian Desert

From Dubai I took a sunset trip into the Arabian Desert.

A typical desert landscape with dunes and a bit of shrubbery.

This picture was take under extraordinary circumstances. It was a cloudy day, but suddenly the sun broke through in a strange fashion giving the desert reddish colour and making the mountains in the background look white, although they normally have the same colour as the desert. Our guide said he had never seen them look this way.

It was not all about enjoying the scenery. In fact it was mostly about so called "Dune Bashing": Driving on the dunes in 4-wheel drives with deflated tires. It is a moderately frightening experience, as the cars tend to slide sideways down the dunes, giving you the feeling it's about to roll over.

The desert camp where we had a nice dinner after the trip into the dunes.

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