Monday, 3 April 2006


Holi is a traditional Indian festival, celebrating the coming of spring. It has some basis in hindu mythology but I don't know this part - in practice it has becomes as detached from the religious origins as christmas has. Holi is a time for playing games, especially one requiring people to cover each other in paint.

A boy manages to catch and colour his friend. Most places in India they would be using coloured water for this, but in Darjeeling it is still too cold for water at this time, so they settle for coloured powder.

Apparently I stayed a bit too long trying to take pictures of these children playing, so they started taking an interest in me - notice the little boy in the bottom right corner trying to spray me with purple water. But especially take a look at the eyes of the boy to the far left. There is pure naughtyness in those eyes.

...and the result is seen here. Foreigners don't get any special treatment on Holi. Or if they do it is a special treatment of MORE attacks with colour not fewer.

I also found the time for some more innocent play on Holi. Here I am throwing ball with some nice Indian or Nepali kids at a railway station. Notice the old lady collecting hot coal left by the trains. She sat there for 10 minutes while we were playing, without taking any notice of us, even when the kids almost hit her with the ball. One of many sad lives that continue to exist even on festivals and days of joy for everyone else.

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