Friday, 10 March 2006


On the way from Madurai we had a few hours stopover in the large city of Trichy in which time we managed to see a few of the city's biggest attractions.

The Rock Temple, towering over the centre of Trichy.

View over a small part of the city from the top of the Rock Temple.

The biggest temple complex in all India, know by the catchy name of Sri Ranganathaswamy temple.

Election campaigning Tamil style. State elections are coming up in Tamil Nadu and here is represented the main opposition, the DMK. The figures are showing the main DMK Chief Minister candidate alongside the former Chief Ministers that the party have had. The DMK (Ally of the Congress party) are challenging the larger-than-life Chief Minister Jayalithaa. She is a former film heroine, she allegedly has almost as many pairs of shoes as Imelda Marcos and she currently holds the Guiness World Record for hosting the world's largest wedding banquet. 150,000 people were invited to her adopted son's wedding! Oh, and surprisingly she is also by most measures corrupt, autocratic and routinely abuses her power to harass opponents.

Four locals eating south Indian food the traditional way: Served on banana leafs and eaten with their hands.

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