Sunday, 12 March 2006


I took a bit of a detour from the beaten tourist track to get to the old danish trade station of Trankebar (in english Tranquebar, in tamil Tharangambadi) situated on the southeastern coast of the Subcontinent. It is not a huge place but one of the few remnants of Denmark's colonial past, so it was worth the trouble.

Fort Dansborg, Danish fort which managed to withstand the tsunami in 2004. Solid stuff. The only military installment in Trankebar.

The ruins of a nearby hindu temple, that did not do as well as Fort Dansborg against the destructive forces of the tsunami.

The front of Ny Jerusalem Kirke (New Jerusalem Church), with the logo of Danish King Frederik the 4th. It is currently undergoing serious renovation as can be seen.

The old Danish city gate of Trankebar, this time with the royal logo of King Christian the 7th.

Kongensgade (King Street) leading from The city gate down to the coast and Fort Dansborg. Lots of colonial buildings along this street.

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Eva said...

Your travel is wonderful.India has so many history places worth to visit.Welcome to China to see more great things...