Thursday, 9 March 2006


Madurai in the southeastern state of Tamil Nadu is known mainly for its magnificent and imposing Sri Meenakshi Temple. We went there straight from Kerala.

One of the many elaborately decorated and colourful towers of the temple.

A close up of some of the decorations.

Inside the temple Mike studies a figure of a deity whilst a hindu woman has just finished her puja (prayer).

Here I am getting blessed by an elephant inside the temple. Anyone could get a blessing after putting a coin inside the elephant's trunk.

Sri Meenakshi being hit by the very first rays of the sun (We were up VERY early that day).

Madurai and Tamil Nadu in general has little nightlife. Of the few places to get a drink in Madurai by far the coolest was Bar Apollo 96, made with a perfect starship theme. Drinking here was like being at the set of a 1970s sci-fi movie.


Sherrlyn said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm on to chennai in feb. will go to see madurai too!

Sherrlyn said...

oh if you have any suggestions where to stay in chennai when arriving at midnight and as a woman alone love ot hear it. thanks!

Esben said...

Hi Sherrlyn, thanks for visiting my weblog. I answered your question via the Thorn Tree's PM system.