Monday, 6 February 2006

Jantar Mantar (Astronomical Observatory in Delhi)

Before I left Delhi I finally found the time to visit the old 18th century astronomical observatory called Jantar Mantar. I have perviously shown pictures from a similar observatory in Jaipur, but here are some that hopefully show some different aspects of it.

Four construction workers renovating the all red Jantar Mantar. Work like that literally sets it's mark on you.

Looking into one of the astronomicval instruments. My guide wasn't too good, but as far as I could understand you can tell which date of the year it is using this construction. Exactly how I don't know. I think perhaps my little brother, Ole, who visited the observatory in Jaipur can give the explanation. Ole, you can write it as a comment.

Here I am inside the calendar (if it is a calendar)

Me on top of an instrument which based on the position of the sun over it can tell you when it is midday in a series of places around the world.

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