Saturday, 21 January 2006

Trip to Rajasthan: New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve was spent in Jodhpur. The city is not exactly known for a bustling night life, so we were not too optimistic about finding anywhere to celebrate it, but in a local newspaper we saw an add for a hotel, which held a rooftoop party, so we decided to attend it.

Here Rikke and Jacob are at the beginning of the night sitting in the hotels little garden restaurant next to a fire. They couldn't actually serve us any food, but we decided to stay there and talk and relax a bit before joining the noisy party upstairs.

After the garden restaurant we sat in the 5th floor bar. We took a look at the roof top dance floor but decided it was a bit too hectic to stay at before midnight. Here Jacob is talking to a local student.

After midnight we are dancing in a private room that we had been given, due to the fact that we (especially Rikke, but also me and Jacob) had attracted so much attention at the rooftop, that it was virtually impossible to stay there. In my previous post at this weblog I wrote about issues of personal space and privacy in India. The problems do not get less when you are the only westerners at a party where people have drunk quite a bit in a place where few foreigners come. We simply couldn't move around, because we constantly had a flock of 20-30 people wanting to greet us and talk to us. The dancing guy in the left of the picture is the manager of the hotel. When we first arrived he promised us that the party crowd would be very civilised and that his employees would be there to take care of us. He was right about the second part, but the civility was slightly lacking. Not because people meant to be annoying, but it just got a bit too much. But once we got back to our private room with a couple of guards outside and only a few selected people inside, it was fine.

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