Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Trip to Rajasthan: Dear, crocodiles and birds of Ranthambore

Last stop on our trip to Rajasthan was the National Park of Ranthambore. We saw many different animals of which I will show some here. All of these animals are wild although in the two last posts you will see some individuals who have figured out how to benefit from the human presence in the park. I am however saving the best for last - that will appear in my next post.

A little island with some temple ruins and even more interestingly two crocodiles sunning themselves on the shore. The biggest one is lying just below the left-side edge of the tree in the right side of the picture. The smaller one is lying just below the barren tree with all the birds.

A big deer running - however casually - away from us.

Me feeding a very colourful wild bird. Notice also the one flying just over my head. I apologize for my weird 80s hairdo, but we had been driving around in an open, windy canter for hours - okay?!

Rikke and Ramu the Deer. A beautiful and curious animal who has been under the protection of park rangers since his mother was killed.

In my next post it gets even better - prepare for some picture of the real king of this jungle!

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