Thursday, 12 January 2006

Panna National Park

On our way home from Khajuraho we stopped by Panna National Park, which reputedly has wild tigers. We didn't see any of those, but it was still an enjoyable one day trip. Here are a few pictures from the park:

At first this looks like just a picture of a deer standing under a tree. But look more closely in the tree - it's a monkey! And this is not just a picture that randomly caught a deer and a monkey at the same place. Notice how the monkey is clearly observing the actions of the deer. And for good reason - these two guys had a great cooperation going. The monkey would pick some strange big, hard fruits from the tree and throw them down to the deer. He would then observe whether the deer noticed it - if not he would throw another. The deer would then go to the fruit, crack it open with his strong jaws and drink the sweet juice inside. After this he would throw the fruit on the ground leaving it for the monkey to climb down and collect in order to eat the meat of the fruit, which requires the monkeys hands to finely pick. Perfect teamwork!

A more standard picture of me in front of a riverbend. Allegedly many crocodiles hang out here, but we did not spot any of them.

A very typical landscape at Panna National Park. A little challenge: See if you can spot the two gazelles in the picture.

Wild boar spotted moving around in the undergrowth of the forest. According to our guide wild boar is rarer to see than tigers and is a sign of good luck. We would have traded this for a tiger sighting though!


The SeaWitch said...

Eager! These pics are GREAT! I love them. My fave pics are of the Taj Mahal, the temple and the fancy camel posterior. LOL

I'm so happy you started writing your blog in English because my Danish is kind of rusty. LOL

Anyway, it appears as if you're doing just fine in your new habitat and I'm so happy for you.

I'll keep checking back so keep updating your blog!

Φιλάκια Πολλά (Many kisses)

Esben said...

Hey Seawitch! Thank you for the nice comments. And yes, I am doing very well in my new habitat. Unfortunately, it is soon time to leave. But I will be travelling for several months after that, so there'll be plenty of updates. Keep checking back :o)

Myrpou said...

Those are great pictures eager, im quite interested in photography myself and find yours are very impressive.

Ha det Dejligt!